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Family Monthly
Family Monthly
<p style="font-size: 14pt;"><b>$7.09 per month</b></p> <p>All core membership benefits for two members.</p>
Membership ‪$‬7.09

As a part of this membership you receive:

  • 9999999 Member Events
  • 9999999 Family Festivals
  • 9999999 Children Public
  • 999999 Class Tuition
Benefits may change per price type!
Family Member Benefits
  • Free admission to ticketed exhibitions for two members
  • Free admission to members-only preview parties for two members
  • Free admission to lectures and special programs for two members
  • Member benefits for children 17 years and under
  • Subscription to Works Magazine
  • 20% discount on Children’s Theatre tickets
  • 20% discount on Museum School tuition
  • 10% discount in the Museum Shop
  • 10% discount in the Restaurant
  • 10% discount on Teacher Academies
  • Eligibility to join Arts Center auxiliary groups
By choosing a monthly membership you agree to a minimum of twelve months of membership. This is designed to provide an affordable membership to all.